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Review - Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dci

I don't like SUV's.
This is what I thought before tried one. It was one of those tantrums that a 8 year old has when he says that he doesn't like a thing without even trying it first. In my head, a SUV is a pretty redundant vehicle. It's not meant for off-roading, but it is also not a very efficient car to use on the road. It is also an expensive car to buy and to maintain. The thing is that people adore SUV's and it was Nissan that massified the SUV's with the Qashqai.
This is not a review about the latest Quashqai facelift, this is a review of one of the last generation Qashquai, released in 2014 and ended production in early 2017. 
And what I think of it? Well, I think the car is absolutely brilliant, but it is not enough to convince my rational part of the brain.
Why is it brilliant?
1 - Design: The design of this car is jaw-dropping! The first generation of the Qashqai was pretty dreadful, but the second-generation is pretty sexy. The 18' inch wheels …

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